My Artworks and Sketches

Take a look at all of my creations illustrated below. Here you will find both my pencil and digital drawings and sketches. Most of my recent Artworks are shown on my YouTube channel, where I publish not just the finished drawing but the process of making it, what I call "Speed Drawing". Feel free to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with my content!

Artworks from my YouTube channel

Animated Movies and Cartoon Characters

As an Artist, I draw my inspiration from those amazing Artists who have created such beautiful and original characters. Some of them are characters from Animations I love, which I represent in my unique style. I love to represent different styles of characters, from Cartoon to Anime and 3D characters. You can find the making of all these drawings on my YouTube channel!

Best of Animated Movies and Cartoon Characters

Take a look at some of my best Speed Drawing videos on YouTube about Characters from Animations or Movies!

Video Games Characters

I spend lots of time playing Games, especially on consoles, which inspire me in both their story and their design. As an Artist, I take the most out of the amazing characters represented in them and reproduce them in my own style, sometimes taking screenshots of the Game played to freeze that particular pose or scene. You can find the videos of all of these Artworks on my YouTube channel!

Best of Video Games Characters

Take a look at some of my best Speed Drawing videos on YouTube about Characters from Video Games!

#AAPIHMxDreamWorks Anime Inspired Art Contest

Recently I participated in a Drawing Competition on Instagram hosted by the official channel of DreamWorks for the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! For the Contest the task was to create an artwork in Anime Style of your favourite DreamWorks character or characters!
 I drew my two favourite characters, Hiccup and Toothless, from my favourite animated movies of all time, the trilogy of How to Train your Dragon!

Pencil Drawings

The range of drawings you can see on my YouTube channel is not just Digital Artworks but also Pencil Drawings. Since I was little I have always been sketching with the pencil on my Sketchbook. My Pencil Drawing shown here are filmed with a Camera and uploaded on my YouTube channel!

Pencil Drawings Videos

Take a look at some of my best Speed Drawing videos on YouTube where I sketch characters and backgrounds with a pencil!

Other Sketches and Digital Artworks

Before starting my YouTube channel, I created a large range of drawings, most of them being pencil drawings. I created many sketches from cartoon to video games and comics characters. I also created some portraits and reproduced paintings!

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