This page is about the Animations I created both in my own time and as University Assignments. My dream is to work in the Animation industry and that is the reason why I am studying to become an Animator and, first of all, an Artist. All of my Animations are shown on my YouTube channel which you can find in the link below. Feel free to subscribe to my channel if you enjoy my content!

Animations from my YouTube channel

University Assignments Animations

Here are shown the videos of my University Assignment for the three years Animation course I am frequenting. I will explain the theme of the Assignment in each video and speak about the process of making it! If you want some inspiration for creating your own Animations or if you like to know the process of Animating, scroll down and see what each video have to say!

Animation Tutorials

I recently started to do Animation Tutorials, where I show the speed process of drawing the animation, frame by frame, so that it can be easily followed. In the end, a put the render of the final animation, so that you can see how from the single frames we make our images move!