3D Modelling

Since last year, I also decided to dedicate myself to 3D Modelling and Animating with "Autodesk Maya". You can find all of my 3D Modelling videos on my YouTube channel. Do not hesitate to Subscribe to the channel if you want to see more of my content!

3D Modellings from my YouTube channel

3D Modelling Showcase

Here I show you some screenshots of my 3D Modelling works made with Autodesk Maya. You can find the videos of the making of these Modellings down below, directly from my YouTube channel. I hope they can be of inspiration to you all!

My Very Firsts 3D Modellings

Take a look at my very first 3D Modelling videos!

3D Modelling for a Video Game

This year in University I participated in a Collaboration Assignment with the "Video Game Design" Students. As an "Animation" student I was been given the realisation of the 3D Models and scenes in the Video Game. We are planning to release the Video Game on Steam once it is finished, so scroll down if you want to have a look at the trailer and the Gameplay of what we have so far! 

The USB Video Game

Our very first video game is called "The USB", but as far as we are now, we have created only a prototype, "The USB v0.8".  The game is based on our University and the genre is a first person, survival horror. The player plays as a student who has left his USB at University. Since he needs his USB for the following day Assignment, he goes back to University to get it, at night, but something else is lurking in the dark of the facility, revealing an unresolved mystery. Down below you will find both the trailer of the prototype version and the Gameplay. The full game will be much more detailed and story will be add to it, so stay tuned if you want to hear the next updates!

My Very First 3D Character

As my Major Project for my final year of University, I decided to create my very own 3D Character, so that I can use it in my future animation and short-films! I started by creating the character design, first sketching it with the pencil, then creating a digital drawing of the front and the side.
I used those front and side reference to create the character in 3D using Autodesk Maya.
The character has been Modelled, UV Mapped, Textured and it is almost fully Rigged.
After that, my next step is to start animating it!

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