About me

If there is a word which describes me, it is creativity. Since I was young, art and imagination had always been my strengths. It is because of this reason that I realised my dream to pursue my aspiration of being an "artist" and transform it into my future career.

My interests are everything to do with creativity and art. I am a creative writer, who has recently published my first book in my native language, Italian, and I am currently working on translating it into English and writing other stories. In my daily life, I cultivate the passion for drawing, which I get my inspiration from the many animations, comic books, and video games I admire. Moreover, I enjoy 3D Modelling and my dedication has brought me to the realisation of some 3D environments and my very first 3D character. Furthermore, I have created some 2D digital animations and plan to create 3D animations also.

My YouTube channel

Because of my passion for Art, I decided to put my creativity into the creation of a YouTube channel, which works, if we want, as a portfolio and a summary of my work. But it is not just that, it also inspires me to keep creating content and improving myself and my skills at drawing, animating, 3D modelling, encouraging me to learn new skills too!

Visit my YouTube channel to see all my works!

My recent uploads on YouTube...